The Wells Project


One of the most important causes of disease in the Third World is dirty water. Less than 2% of the population of Zambia has access to clean water. The Lubwe area was no exception.
The local population fetched its water from uncovered wells. These become contaminated, especially in the wet season when surface water can enter. As a result many patients treated in the hospital suffered from water-borne disease.

Prevention is better than cure and we decided that we should look at the provision of water in the district and try to improve it. We asked for a preliminary report on of the 33 existing wells. In the opinion of the Environmental Technician at the hospital, Matthew Moyo, 25 should be re-dug and 8 could be refurbished.

We undertook to fund this work and called this major project the "Wells Project". 

We made contact with other charities that gave us guidance. These were WaterAid, Development Cooperation Ireland and Wilmslow Wells for Africa. We paid for a complete survey of the wells in the Lubwe area and arranged for local committees to be set up to look after the new wells. We also paid for local workers to be trained in the skills required in digging, lining and capping wells.

Enough funds were raised to commence digging and a number of wells have been individually sponsored. Digging of the first wells began in 2005. To date more than 30 wells have been completed in the Lubwe area and 8 in the Kasaba area. We are currently appealing for funds to provide 5 new wells in the Masonde area.

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