The New Operating Block


In March 2001 Lubwe experienced extremely heavy rains. This resulted in a partial collapse of the foundations of the main structure of the hospital under the operating theatre. The administrators of the hospital asked us for help.

We were exceptionally fortunate to receive an offer from Rock House Foundation to fund the building of a new operating theatre. Rock House Foundation and this charity insisted that local workers should be employed in the construction, where possible, and that we would pay for training where appropriate. Eventually the final plans and costings of the new building were approved.

Mr Martin Rossiter, a trustee of both Rock House Foundation and Lubwe (Zambia) Hospital Fund and Mike Brozel visited Lubwe in October 2002 and inspected the foundations of the new building. Final agreement to proceed with the building followed.

During 2003 the building of the new block proceeded and it was finished early in 2004.

The new block has allowed the hospital to expand considerably, creating more space for patients, staff and storage. As a result of the development, The Bush Foundation donated a significant amount of equipment for use in the new Operating Theatre.

Of course, we are well aware that Lubwe is just one of several hospitals, many in an equal or even worse state, in Zambia and we are keen to see if our initially restricted efforts in Lubwe can be broadened to cover a far wider region. For that reason, we visited another hospital, at Kasaba, about 20 miles inland. It was as a result of this visit that we decided to buy incubators for both hospitals.

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