Incubators for the Hospitals at Lubwe & Kasaba


Whilst at St. Margaret's Hospital in Kasaba during October 2002 we were shocked and distressed to find that the only 'incubator', they had was effectively a wooden box, heated by a light bulb with humidity provided by a dish of water. Those, pictured left, at Lubwe Mission Hospital were not much better.

On our return to the UK, this was very high on the large 'How Can We Help' list of priorities, along with the new Operating Theatre at Lubwe Mission Hospital.

Eight weeks later, Mike Brozel had managed to source and order four Baby Warmers from Kanmed in Sweden at a special price of £8000 and we had managed to ship a second hand Rescuscitaire, donated by Macclesfield Hospital, to Lubwe as part of a Red Cross shipment to Africa organised by doctors in The Netherlands. All we had to do was to get it to Holland before the shipment left - no pressure then!

Fortunately, after spending Christmas in the outhouse packing it, it arrived on time and was soon in use.

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