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Wells for Masonde District  


I turned on the tap one summer morning, to fill the kettle – and nothing happened. Our water comes down the hill from a spring about half a mile away, and it took us three weeks to trace the problem – a connector which had rusted and become blocked with weeds. Throughout that period, our water supply varied unpredictably from feeble to zero: I soon realised just how often we go to the tap – to make a cup of tea, wash hands or just fill a glass of water.

Ever since then I have truly appreciated how much it means to have clean water literally “on tap”. So Martin’s article on Lubwe last month struck home – how can we let our friends go thirsty, for the sake of £1 each?

In the next few weeks, you will see bottles of water appearing on every occasion we can think of. Please buy one for £1, to make a donation to Lubwe. But don’t stop there – we challenge you to fill your bottle with small change (or even better, with £1 coins) and return it to me or Martin. Here are just a few ideas:

- bake cakes and sell them for £1 each
- hold a bring and buy sale – all items £1
- use the bottle as a swear box
- put the bottle by the sink, and put a coin in every time you turn on the tap

I’ve started mine already – I put £1 in each time I treat myself to a cup of coffee in Starbucks – and if I resist the treat, I put the £1 that I have saved into the bottle instead!

Heather Self 
(St. James Church, Sutton & Langley Methodist Church)

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