Seedlings give hope

We have been able to send £2000 for seedlings for the Sisters farm at Kulangulukila in response to a plea from Sister Rosemary. Mike Brozel and I had suggested that seeds were much cheaper and were unsure about the project. Ignorance is bliss!!!
Sister Rosemary responded to our various questions and the seed suggestion as below.
Dear Mike,        Garden at Kulangulukila Farm
The Mission Hospital costs can be helped. The biggest is on food and drugs since we are having a lot of patients both at Outpatient Department and in the Hospital. Our bed capacity is 116 but we are having 140 to 150 Admissions with a lot of deaths more especially children.  It is sad to see people coming to the Hospital every day in numbers. At this time we see our people lacking nutritionally especially that they are used with fishing and now there is fish ban in the Country, this is the time to help them realise that vegetable growing is also important to Health. Then there is a labour cost which will help to create job/ piece work, this will help them buy some soap, salt, books for the school going children.  Once the garden is sustained the people in the area will be buying vegetables from our farm at a reduced price and sale them to others, in this way they can raise funds to feed the families.  The people in the area will also learn from the farm so that they can also do some simple gardening.
The seeds are cost effective but, seed management on the nursery is very much comprimised because of root injuries and pests.  The farmers in big farms have special nurseries where they grow them. The other reason is that if we have to sow the seeds we would have to wait for them to be ready for a good weeks while the rains may reduce for cabbage and onion to do well. 
We sent the money, to which we received this response on 21st November from Sister Rosemary who sounded more like an excited teenager than a sedate holy sister who refuses to take retirement.
Dear Mike,
Oh my God what a Blessing from your Trust.  I do not know the words to use to thank you Mike, except to put this fund for good use and help the society of Lubwe benefit from it.
Please send my appreciation to the members of the Trust. 
Once again thank you very much.           Sr. Rosemary.

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