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Paul Simmonds stumbled upon Lubwe (Zambia) Fund on the internet whilst searching for ‘LUBWE’

I am so glad he did because he wrote to me as follows: ‘I am interested in supporting your charity (Lubwe Zambia Fund) because my daughter was born in Lubwe in 1973. I worked at Samfya Secondary School from Jan 1971 to April 1975, before being transferred to Mufulira.Smafya. (is about 30 miles from Lubwe – Ed.)

 I'm entering the London Triathlon in September as one member in a team of three (I'm cycling) and I'm going to try to raise a bit of money in that way. I'm not too good at money raising so I don't expect much but will do my best.’

I emailed back and sent him copies of the various DVD’s about Lubwe and the Mission Hospital and asked a few questions.
Paul wrote back:

 I went to Zambia in January 1970 to complete a PGCE at the University of Zambia. This was a UK government  supported scheme involving training plus 3 years of teaching. Zambia’s Lusaka University was in its early years, so very interesting.

I met and married my Zambian wife while at the University and in Dec 1970 we moved to Samfya Secondary School where I taught English and she taught History. It was a very optimistic time and the school was then generally well equipped. Now I understand it much bigger but I suspect much poorer. We stayed in Samfya for three years and then Mufulira Secondary School in the Copperbelt for two years.

Lubwe hospital doesn't seem to be very different from when our daughter Clare was born there. Clare was lovely (still is of course!) and she now is in her 30s with two children.

It's shocking reall, the 'incubator' in Lubwe in those days was a candle under a cot lined with tin I believe.

Our son was born in Mufulira. It was a good thing that we were in a town then because he had jaundice and then a collapsed lung but he survived in an incubator. I'm not sure that he would have done in Lubwe! From what I hear things are no easier, and in some ways more difficult.

If you wish to support Paul in his efforts for Lubwe Mission Hospital – please go to JustGiving or ring Martin on 01625 435326

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