Patrick back in Zambia


Patrick arrived back in Zambia on 19th February and has already had a meeting with our Satellite Communications contractor Quick Edge to resolve maintenance problems. He has since, with brother Kyle, surveyed the Mission Hospital Generator which has been a cause of concern. If the power fails, as it does many times, and an operation is in progress, a life may be lost. He emailed: 

We checked out the generator at the hospital, and they actually said it is in working order, but that it needs to be serviced before they will use it again. The last time they used it was October, but they are going to run it again for us to see how it works. Kyle is pretty sure it needs a new fuel injector or at least to be repaired as it was leaking when they last used it. Sister Rose is going to give us the assessment that was run, but she has malaria and was sleeping today (thankfully it doesn't seem to be an overly serious case and she was even smiling and talking with us last night). The administration supposedly has a record of all parts, former services etc, but people who would know where that was were also out of the office (it's never as easy as you want it to be). Anyway it seems that everything was actually running okay last they used it. Of course until we see the assessment or run a test, we can't be for certain. Kyle copied everything printed on the generator (serial number, specifications that were present etc) and I have attached.

We also took pictures of everything as requested, but the internet is a little slow and pictures are taking forever to load so we may have to wait. We have to go to Mansa for well equipment and to get more money out so we can load from there. We will take more pictures and video when we run it tomorrow as well, hopefully we will have the assessment then also. Thankfully Kyle knows what he is doing around engines and generators (at least somewhat) so he knows the questions to ask and what he's looking at, considerably more than I do at least. We will get you everything as soon as we are able.

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