Drop4drop save lives in Lubwe


Drop4drop have in 2012 provided funding for a further twelve Clean Water wells in Lubwe. All of these have now been completed and are in heavy use throughout each day. This brings to 17 the number so far donated by Drop4drop’s wonderful supporters. Since we started the Wells Project, the number of beds in Lubwe Mission Hospital occupied by villagers suffering from waterborne diseases and illness has dropped from 60% to 10%.

Our relationships allow us to negotiate better prices for transportation and materials and helps increase community involvement. As a result, to install our borehole often costs half of what other organisations pay.  With average of 750 people per borehole we are quickly approaching providing water to 60,000 people. Culturally we are starting to hear the impact also. Rather than having to convince the local population that drinking out of a properly capped borehole is healthier than drinking out of the, sometimes closer, dirty water hole, stream, uncapped shallow well, or even lake, we are now told that when people are visiting relatives or friends in areas without proper water sources, they are “packing” their own water from our boreholes to take. This is because they have noticed that they are getting sick if they don’t.

That is certainly more anecdotal, and may sound strange to you or I, but as people start connecting their health to the water they use, a shift will take place and it will allow people in these villages to have control over their families’ health and well being. 

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