Dorothy Chipulu



My name is Dorothy Chipulu:- I am a young lady of 19 years, I dropped out of school after getting pregnant. My whole world and dreams collapsed. For 3 years I never thought I was going to have a means of earning a livelihood until last year. I took a chance by applying to train as a carpenter because the Training school offered a bursary for 2 females who would want to train as carpenter/Joiner and a bricklayer/Plasterer.

It is a way the institution wanted to encourage females to break into what is traditionally believed to be men's trades. 

I grabbed at the chance like a sinking person would grab to any floating object around him or her. I was timid before commencing the training, but to my surprise I have taken to this trade like a Duck takes to the water.

A lot of people are admiring me and I am able to make a contribution to the family even before  I graduate at the end of July. During my spare time, I do use my father in law's tools to make items that I sale as he is a professional carpenter  himself.

I really appreciate what the institution has done for me and the encouragement and support from my father in law. My worry is how I am going to have tools of my trade after graduating in 2 moths time so that I can be productive................... (We will help her)

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